Things to Considered Before Buying a 3D printer

Before you place an order for a 3D printer or scanner on behalf of your company, it is important to learn some basic things related to this machine. You first need to know the different types available, the very purpose of its usage, whether it is really important in employing a 3D printer in your office, etc. are some of the many questions that you are required to ask yourself. The following lines will be acting like a comprehensive guide to those who are looking forward in adopting 3D printing technology.

The purpose:

This is the first and foremost thing that needs to be cleared out upfront inside your head. The set up is completely different, let’s just say, for concept models and verification models.

When dealing with a specific object or product, concept models allow a company to finalize a design. The machine provides them with a 3D object that can be looked at, evaluated and accessed before proceeding to the next step. This helps the company in saving a great amount of money that previously used to be wasted in creating the actual product and then discover the flaws. Concept models derived from 3D printing also simplified the process of making developmental changes. Many different models can be produced with the help of 3D printing before taking the final call. This can be of immense help at the time of presenting a product in front of the stakeholders and getting the required fund to carry on with the project or business.

Another output of 3D printing is the verification model. It allows designers to evaluate different design elements and see whether they appear or/ and function as intended. 3D drawings or schematics will only make you guess, whereas 3D printing can be used in creating life- like models. This helps in putting aside any kind of question related to the said project and whether it truly requires any further revisions. Probably, this is the simplest way of putting the approval stamp on the project with maximum confidence.

Make sure that you check our posts next week for we will be delving deeper into this topic and equip you in the best possible manner before you buy a 3D printer or scanner. Those posts will be filled with some great deal of information as well that is sure not to be missed at any cost.

Author: Tony Rolland provides marketing service for EMS USA (, Florida based company offers 3D printing and 3D scanning services and also product development products such as 3D Systems 3D Printers and 3D Scanners.