Plastic Injection Moulding material announced by 3D Systems for 3D Printing

Those who take considerable interest in 3D Printing and visit various resources to find new information regarding the technology will be delighted to know about the latest announcement made by 3D Systems. It is a newly invented material for injection moulding and is already creating waves in the industry. It is made of plastic and has been named VisiJet M3 Black. A Project 3D printer will be required to use the material.

The driving force behind this invention was the requirement for material that can be utilised to produce objects with greater strength and durability. VisiJet is by far the toughest Project material ever produced. It really means a lot towards the expansion and further innovation in 3D printing method.

Strength of the objects made from 3D printers has been a concern ever since the invention of 3D printers. It was a clear hindrance in the course of development and commercialisation of this technology. The objects made until now could be great models and prototypes but could never be used as their building material was often plastic.

The invention of M3 Black has really lifted the hope of creating consumer-products with the help of 3D printing method. The newly found material is tough enough to provide considerable strength to the objects made out of it as well as is flexible enough to balance the rigidity of the products. In short, it seems the right material to produce goods for end-users.

The material has varied and numerous potential application. It can be easily used for manufacturing replaceable parts for different kind of equipment. Production of decorative, show-pieces, etc. is an undeniable utility of this invention. Moreover, small ware of daily use can be made out of it as those articles do not have to be too sturdy to withstand some kind of blows.

The process of injection moulding involves injecting any material into moulds for the creation of the required object. There are several kinds of materials such as metals, glass, elastomers, thermoplastic, etc. that can be used for the requirement. The M3 Black is a kind of thermoplastic. It is injected into moulds in its heated form. In 3D printing, instead of injection, the material is laid down in layers according pre-defined design with the help of a computer. It is very productive technique as it does not involve the construction of moulds for making any object.

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