3D Printing in Furniture Design

3D Printing in Furniture Design

Image Credit: tanvirhassan47

Advanced technologies fly around the world faster than the speed of light, bringing with them new ideas and forms that can change not only our perception, but also our sensations. Today we will talk about creating comfortable, harmonious furniture and accessories for its perfect work with 3D printing.

Of course, to print a design chair you need a professional printer, but to create high-quality hardware it will be enough to have a simple device with a standard set of tools. This way you can make good money.

Each of us has probably encountered substandard latches, stubs, handles, screws and other details that were made of unstable materials. And this led to a single result – the failure of the spare part, which could result in the failure of the kitchen door for example.

You can solve this problem in two ways:

Go to a specialized store and buy the product there. However, its quality may not be the best.
To order a part from the manufacturer. It certainly will have to wait, and at this time your furniture will remain faulty and partially or completely unsuitable for operation.
Print it on a 3D printer: it’s fast enough.

Choosing the latter option, you will definitely be sure of the quality of the product, as you can personally pick up plastic with the necessary properties (strength, elasticity, transparency, color). The price of such a product will also please you.

In addition, you can print unique mounts, with which you can recreate a new, unusual furniture. For example, a non-standard niche with shelves for storing small items.


Many world designers have repeatedly used 3D technology to create their masterpieces. John Christie, a British furniture manufacturer, decided to reunite a noble tree with plastic elements created by volumetric printing. His creation is presented below and, as you can see, this is an excellent combination of different textures that will fit into any interior.


Image Credit: JON CHRISTIE


In addition to fasteners, handles, guides and other parts of the furniture industry, nowadays the interior items printed with both a 3D printer and using a 3Doodler are very popular.

Chairs and stools of unusual shape, with different textural qualities attract the views of others, causing surprise and the desire to purchase such gizmos for personal use.

Such masterpieces are practical, unusual, convenient to use and care for. You can print and small copies of “famous” furniture from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. They can be played or used as exhibits at exhibitions and other thematic events.

As you can see, you can practically reproduce everything using 3D design today, from a small stub for furniture to designer furniture.