You can become a storm trooper with 3D printing service

Picture credit: Disney

The concept of 3D prints is becoming largely popular all over, to the extent of reaching the unexpected locales. The Hollywood Studios of Disney will offer the Florida Park visitors an opportunity to remain immortalized as stormtrooper. Any big fan of Star Wars should definitely go through the experience. The service of 3D printing that was available at the park during Star Wars Weekend has made this all possible. It lasted from mid May to June 9. Last year had carbonite offering available.

The concept of Stormtrooper figurine, is, however, new for the year. The present technology may be said to be a little sophisticated. It, in fact, makes use of a higher resolutions than those that were available on consumer market previously, offering a clear and detailed scanning of the head being printed in Star Wars figure. The process is begun by the visitors on undergoing 3D scan.
The obtained file is then sent to the 3D printing service for being processed. The print out is taken which is then shipped to you. The intervening time between the scanning and the print reaching your home is eight weeks. The duration can be a little longer for the stromtrooper figure because of its use of colorized elements. The most important news is that the Research Labs of Disney are quite delighted and proud of this endeavor. This is because it makes use of single shot 3 dimensional face scanner which the imagineers had created in-house. This scanned file is then sent to the printing studio where the figure is created after being printed out.

There is the availability of international shipping. However, it should take longer for being shipped abroad, than being shipped inside the United States. So, what is this service of 3 dimensional printing going to offer you? A visit to the Hollywood Studios of Disney in Star Wars Weekend could expect to spend $99.95 either for the miniature carbonite or for miniature stormtrooper figurines. Whether or not you call yourself a diehard fan of Star Wars, you would definitely love what this new technology offers as this service would surely be something worth experience. It is not that every single day you need to get the head scanned. And it certainly is not every single day when you get the opportunity to get your head 3D scanned to have a figure resembling you with Star Wars regal symbol.

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