3D Jewelry with 3d Design and Formlabs

3D Jewelry with 3d Design and FormlabsFormlabs is a company that has achieved considerable success not only in the manufacture and production of high-quality 3D printers SLA Form 2 and SLS Fuse 1. It also offers makers a wide range of filaments, constantly adding new products to the list.

New to jewelers
At the beginning of the year, the manufacturer introduced two new materials to the market. After a couple of months, new ceramic resins were produced. Today Formlabs announced the delivery of a unique product Castable Wax Resin.

The jewelry market is highly competitive. More and more jewelers are turning to additive technology to create their masterpieces. This helps to save time on processing, replace traditional casting and grinding.

3D printing is the fastest and least expensive way of making jewelry. Specifically in this segment Formlabs is the leader, producing quality printers and filaments.

Castable Wax Resin is a wax-based material intended for injection molding. With its help, you can create parts that can be used both as final elements and as test pieces.

Castable Wax Resin
The new material harmoniously combines the smoothness of the surface and increased strength. With its help you can produce the most detailed products, including filigree meshes and curls.

As the Asia-Pacific region is the world’s largest jewelery market, Formlabs works closely with jewelry partners in China, Japan and India. It was tested that the Castable Wax Resin is great for making filigree bracelets and other refined ornaments popular in these countries.

The material consists of 20% wax resin. It does not need subsequent hardening. For processing, it is sufficient to wipe the product with isopropyl alcohol (it removes stickiness).

Image credit: formlabs