3D printing functional prototypes

3D printing functional prototypes3D printers have a number of functions: prototype creation, design checking, information acceptance from other sources, etc. But as a result, services for using 3d printers are several times cheaper than services that use prototyping machines.

You can use the service of 3d prototyping, if:

  • You need to create a prototype model to match all the pros and cons before starting a real production;
  • to demonstrate to the customer the layout of the building, for better representation of the future object;
  • create test versions of products;
  • Prepare an object in different scale and color spectra, in order to choose the best option.


  • Breadboarding in the field of architecture, design, creation of visual teaching aids for theoretical and practical training;
  • Creation of medical orthopedic goods, implants and other products;
  • Production of serial products, souvenir products and so on;
  • Checking connections of nodes, as well as large-scale design of elements in the field of engineering and aerospace.

Raw materials for three-dimensional printing

Prototyping on a 3d printer can be performed using the following types of work material:

  • Gypsum powder;
  • Photo-polymer;
  • Plastic ABS, PLA, PVA;
  • Wax.

Gypsum powder is used by laser 3D printers, due to which it is possible to manufacture products in various color solutions.

Gypsum is a very cheap material, but its products are not characterized by high strength.

Liquid photo-polymers, when frozen under the influence of ultraviolet rays, create strong models.

Prototyping on a 3d printer

Plastic ABS, PLA and PVA is the most common material used in 3D prototyping. Using it you can get products of different colors and good quality.

Wax, as a rule, is used for making samples in the jewelry sphere. Today, experimental use of acrylic, wood, metal powder and multi-layer paper in 3D printing is being carried out.

Equipment for 3D printing

In modern 3D prototyping in the Russian market of services the most popular three-dimensional printers of Russian production Magnum are used.

With their help you can get objects of different colors, sizes and from different working materials. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to print models of various configurations and complexity – small, large, strong, flexible and light.

The models obtained with the help of 3D prototyping are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. The material does not emit harmful substances into the environment in the finished product and in the manufacturing process.

Unsurprisingly, in the near future there will be new devices, which then will compete with 3D printing.

Image credit:  beear